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As a dedicated professional, I have a training in INNER CHANGE®-Coaching and MINDFUCK® Coaching according to Dr. Petra Bock. Usings these and many other methods, I can help my clients to achieve personal and career growth and overcome the limiting beliefs and patterns that hold them back from living an authentic and purposeful life.

Having been personally trained by Dr. Bock in her methodology, I am well-versed in the Change Curve and its application to personal development, change, and growth. My coaching approach focuses on the person as a whole, addressing both conscious and unconscious belief systems that may hinder their progress. Using visualization, mindfulness, and cognitive restructuring techniques, I help my clients to identify and reframe their limiting beliefs and move forward with clarity and purpose.

I understand that the biggest challenge for individuals to make personal changes is their deeply ingrained belief systems, which can be difficult to overcome without the help of a skilled coach. Through the methodologies listed above, I provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment for my clients to identify and overcome these obstacles to achieve their desired outcomes.

The benefits of living an authentic and purposeful life are many, including greater self-awareness, increased confidence, and a deeper sense of fulfillment and happiness. By using my own methods, my various other trainings and Dr. Bock’s methodologies I help my clients tap into their full potential and live the life they truly desire.